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SWD 2022 Spring Contest Information

Contest Entry: March 1 - April 6, 2022

Mike Ott, SWD Director of Contest and Judging

I am pleased to announce that after a long 2 year hiatus, we will finally be able to meet again to join in fellowship and singing at our Spring Convention in San Antonio, May 6-7. 

After reviewing all the announcements from BHS and after consideration of the long break most of us have had, we made some adjustments to the contest for this Spring:

For the most part, we will be having the normal set of Spring quartet contests:
--International Quartet Preliminary Qualifier
--Seniors International Quartet Preliminary Qualifier
--District Seniors Quartet Championship
--District Next Generation (Youth) Quartet Championship
--Northeast Division Novice Quartet Championship
--Northwest Division Novice Quartet Championship
--Southeast Division Novice Quartet Championship
--Southwest Division Novice Quartet Championship
--Scores for Evaluation Only (scores not published)

Following BHS changes, all of the above contests are open to all genders – there will be no distinction for Men, Women, or Mixed in regard to any of our Spring contests. Contest entry will open March 1, and will close April 6.

All quartets wishing to enter any of the above contests must:
--Have a current registration with BHS
--All 4 members must be current with BHS and District dues
--All 4 members must have a registration for the SWD Spring convention.

Mike Thompson will be helping me coordinate with all quartets, so if you have questions, our contact information is:
Mike Ott
[email protected]
[email protected]
or text at 503-702-7384

Mike Thompson
[email protected]
or text 254-366-6315

As above for quartets, the Spring offerings for choruses are open to all genders. For 2022, we know most choruses would not be ready to compete by the Spring Conventions, so for this year we will not have a Chorus District Qualifier. Our 2022 Fall Chorus contests, including District Chorus Championship, will be open to all SWD choruses.

To help choruses get back on their feet, we are instead offering two options for choruses to get scored and coached during the Spring convention:
--Evaluation and scoring with scores published
--Scores for Evaluation Only (scores not published)

As usual, any chorus wishing to perform on stage must:
--Enter by selecting one of the two options above
--All members performing on stage must be BHS, district, and Chorus members
--Every member performing must have a valid registration for the convention.
Note: the registration is only required for those attending the convention, not for all chorus members on the roster.

Our goal is to offer coaching of 2 hours or more for choruses that attend (of course you can choose less if you wish). We want to help groups be ready to perform again (and we do mean “perform” not compete), so we will allow groups to perform 2 or 3 songs on stage. This is a great opportunity to get back in front of a friendly audience, perform some songs, get scores to judge where your group is on your road to recovery, and get coaching by judges/coaches from across the Society.

We will have different options on what you can request for coaching to help you get the most out of this. We also recognize that choruses may have a hard time getting some members to travel and attend a convention this Spring, so a group of any size, even less than 12, if that is all you can bring, can take advantage of this! But remember, the more members that get the coaching, the better the benefit to your group.

I will be coordinating details for choruses, so reach out to me:
Mike Ott
[email protected]
[email protected]
or text at 503-702-7384
, for any questions you may have on choruses.

We will also be offering some classes, lots of singing opportunities and some great fellowship for all! We look forward to seeing you in San Antonio, May 6 & 7!!