Finding a New Director

Finding a new director can be a daunting task. Review these steps to make your search easier.

Budget for a director's fee. Make it enough to interest a qualified person. Don't neglect to look within. When Jim Clancy took the position at Dallas Metro, he had no directing experience. Interest and willingness to learn - coupled with innate musical ability - can create a great director.

If no one suitable is available from within the chorus, contact the following, probably in this order:

  1. Other barbershop chapters in the area.
  2. Ask for names of past directors, past or present assistant directors, section leaders, SWD M&P Director, etc., who might be interested and qualified to direct.
  3. Area SAI or HI choruses
  4. Ask for names of past directors and past or current assistant directors, section leaders, etc.
  5. Area college music departments
  6. Ask for names of instructors/professors, graduate or upper classmen who might be interested and qualified. Don't restrict the search to choir directors. Voice majors, instrumentalist, and others may be qualified.
  7. Area Middle/High school chorus directors
  8. Church choir directors
  9. High School, middle school, elementary music teachers of all stripes.

When contacting non-barbershoppers, you must be prepared to pay enough to interest someone who's not hooked on the style. Be respectful of the difference in musical styles and of the education he or she has worked to obtain. Offer him or her CDs and videotapes of good barbershop choruses, plus tools available from Harmony Marketplace such as:

  • Building a Better Chorus - #4024
  • Directing a Barbershop Chorus- #4053
  • Improving Vocal Techniques through the Warm-up - #4068
  • Sound For Ensemble Singers - #4086

Last, make sure he or she understands the commitment that the chorus has to good singing and to offering quality entertainment to your community.

Other helpful links:

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