Chorus Invokes Everyone In Harmony for Kid’s Hospital

Vocal Sounds of Oklahoma members Barry Clark (left) and Mike Harris (right) present an $8,000 check to Heather Walter, Corporate Grants Manager for the Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital (middle) during the chorus’ Christmas Show, Dec. 8, 2018. Read the story to find out why the donation was really $10,000!


By Barry Clark, Vocal Sounds of Oklahoma
and Rocky Willett, Director, Marketing and PR, Southwestern District

The Vocal Sounds of Oklahoma engaged in a fund-raising challenge in 2018 to benefit the Children’s Center Rehabilitative Hospital in Bethany, OK. This hospital is the charity of choice for the chorus because it offers a wide range of medical services, rehabilitative care and social services to children with complex medical needs.

Each week, the chorus members collected items such as batteries, diapers and diaper wipes and donated them to the hospital. Additionally, Vocal Sounds took up donations and used money raised from their two annual shows. They planned to present a check to the hospital for $8000 during their Christmas show.

Sadly, one of their members lost his battle with cancer just before the show. In lieu of flowers, this chorus member wanted donations made to a charity. His wife is a member of the Sooner Sensations, a local SAI chorus which also performed on the Christmas show. Those ladies also chose to donate money to the hospital in lieu of flowers. Through the departed members generosity, money donated from the Sooner Sensations, plus “passing the hat” around the audience, the chorus added another $2000 for a grand total of $10,000 raised for the charity! The big presentation check was already printed, showing $8,000, but everybody knew the real amount!