Vocal Majority proudly announces the release of a new logo and tag line.


It has been several years since the 12-time Barbershop Harmony Society Gold Medal Champion has refreshed its logo. The now retired logo has been a part of Vocal Majority history going back to the early days of the chorus.

“A person gets attached to a logo,” said Jim Clancy, Executive Musical Director. “Our first logo was refreshed a couple of times over the years, and it’s the only logo we’ve ever had. There can be controversy sometimes when changing a logo, but this new logo is exactly the right one for right time.”

Musical Director Greg Clancy adds, “I’m really excited about the new VM logo. I think it is a much simpler, contemporary design and says a lot about our group with a simple icon. My favorite part is the branding statement that accompanies the logo. PURE HARMONY…how simple, yet eloquent. Sums up the VM, I’d say.”

The designer for our logo was Brenda McShan, the sister of VM performer Phil McShan and daughter of Guy McShan, baritone of the Innsiders, the Barbershop Harmony Society’s 1976 International Quartet Champion.