Two Southwestern District Quartets - Clutch and the Essentials - did some mighty fine chord ringing and are on their way to the semi-finals, finishing in the top 20 quartets competing at the 2016 International BHS Convention in Nashville.

Clutch Quartet

Clutch - with Charlie Lotspeich, Scott Hale, Steven Keener, and Marcus Kang - will be singing 7th.

The Essentials Quartet

The Essentials - with Steve DeCrow, Eric Bell, David Webb and Joel Rutherford - will be singing 18th.

Click the link below for a video of the quartet draw announcement and a short performance of the 2016 Top 20 Quartets.

Congratulations to Clutch and The Essentials!! You are doing an outstanding job representing the Southwestern District of Champions

Here is the schedule for today's (July 7) competition:

  1. Hot Air Buffoons (11:20am)
  2. After Hours (11:29am)
  3. Main Street (11:38am)
  4. Harmonium (11:47am)
  5. Route 1 (11:56am)
  6. Artistic License (12:05pm)
  7. Clutch (12:14pm)
  8. Rooftop Records (12:23pm)
  9. The Newfangled Four (12:32pm)
  10. Signature (12:41pm)
  11. Flipside (1:15pm)
  12. Throwback (1:24pm)
  13. The Core (1:33pm)
  14. Lemon Squeezy (1:42pm)
  15. Trocadero (1:51pm)
  16. Forefront (2pm)
  17. Stockholm Syndrome (2:09pm)
  18. The Essentials (2:18pm)
  19. Quorum (2:27pm)
  20. Da Capo (2:36pm)

View the scores for the quarter-finals.