With the District going from two conventions a year to one convention several years ago the SWD created a very successful one convention program.
We had more quartets, more chorus involvement and the inclusion of the mixed quartets and seniors and everything else all in one weekend.
With our success came a very packed weekend that involved into a pure competition weekend with really nothing else for us to do but get everybody through the cycle. With that same success we had advanced notice that there were going to be even more quartets and Chorus involvement coming to the District convention in coming years.

SWD President Russell Shaner created a committee that involved the aspects of C&J, Events and the chapter presidents and gave them the task to look at the way we were handling our current one convention program and to see if there were other options.
Randy Rensi accepted the request to chair this specific committee even though he already had so many things that he already did successfully for us as our C&J guy.
Randy handled the situation very delicately to make sure that the concerns of the individual singing member of the quartets, impact to the chorus competitors, as well as making sure the general chapters had a voice in this decision.

Randy very successfully guided all the discussion so the committee could come up with a proposal for future conventions. Because of Randy's careful deliberate work the committees proposal met unanimous District Board support and even more importantly unanimous support by the house of delegates of the Southwest District.
This monumental task was successfully completed by Randy on top of all of the other things he does for us as C&J. The two convention system is something that will allow us as a District to grow even further and include even more singers.

For his outstanding committee chair work in something that will benefit the District for many years to come we are proud to honor Randy Rensi as Barbershop of the Year!