Music Central Chorus Partners with Young Singers

On Saturday, March 5, Music Central's spring show included 44 young men and women from the Del Aires mixed chorus from Del City High School (DCHS), and 11 men from the OK Chorale.  The high school choir from Oklahoma Christian Academy was going to sing with us but was unable to due to conflicting events.  The combined group opened both performances of the show with the 8-part arrangement of If There's Anybody Here (From Out of Town), followed by all the men singing Welcome Song from the Free 'n Easy catalog.  It ended with another Free n' Easy song Thank You, Dear Lord, For Music by the men, and the combined group on Keep the Whole World Singing.  In between, besides Music Central, the show included sets by the Del Aires, DCHS' show/jazz ensemble Daybreak, a Music Central quartet, and The 405 quartet.

Several Music Central members attended the Del Aires rehearsals leading up to the show, and everyone participated in the pre-show rehearsal 2 nights before.  Music Central received a Youth In Harmony grant from the Southwestern District to purchase the music for both schools' choirs.  Now in it's 5th year, we believe this partnership shows the young singers in these school choirs the value and fun of singing in their adult lives, and gives our chorus members a shot of energy seeing the enthusiasm and dedication the youth put into their efforts.  For the first time, Music Central has been invited to sing on the Del Aires' show Tues, May 3, and we hope to expand to include even more school choir programs on our shows in the future.