By Irv, Bob, Danny & Ed
Class Reunion Quartet

The Class Reunion quartet, dressed in our tuxedos, was on our way to another Singing Valentine in the Tyler, TX area with plenty of time to spare.  Along the way we were passed by a news car from KLTV and we joked to one another that he should be following us around to get a real story.

As an established and entertaining senior quartet, we are in constant demand at retirement centers and have many repeat performances.  One of our regulars had called a few months back to book us, but I had to decline because our baritone had passed away.  I told her I would let her know when we were able to perform again.  Since that call, we were very lucky to get Ed Woolever to come in and learn the baritone on several of our songs, but I never let this lady know.  We were going to be passing right by that retirement center and Danny Dorsey, our tenor, suggested we stop by there and let them know we were back performing. 

While the guys were waiting in the car in the no parking zone, I went in to find our contact.  The lady at the front desk said our contact had been promoted to activity director.  I explained who I was and about the quartet.  She said, “Do you have your quartet with you right now?”  I told her yes.  “Could you do a 30 minute program right now?”  I looked at my watch and told her we could. 

She gave me a big hug and told me the entertainment she had lined up had just called in sick and she had a room full of people dressed in Valentine and 50’s costumes with a table full of root beer floats, cookies and cupcakes.  She said God does answer prayers!  This was 2:55 p.m. and she said we were on in 5 minutes!  So, I tell the guys, we have a gig, so park the car and come on in!

It doesn’t end there. 

As we were doing what we love to do, making people smile and laugh, I notice a fellow with a TV camera filming us and the audience.  Remember my earlier mention of who passed us on the road?  Yes, it was the same guy from KLTV, filming a human-interest story. At one point he told us we were streaming live on KLTV.  He took one of our cards and said he enjoyed it very much.

We still made it to our next valentine on time!  Is this a great “hobby” or what?