S.L.E.D in action, delivering a Singing Valentine to an appreciative recipient.
S.L.E.D. is Allan Quiat, tenor; Fred Welsh, lead; Clarke Bean, bari; Randy Rensi-bass. 

This story is courtesy of Houston TV Station KTRK, Channel 13 reporter Pooja Lodhia.

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Thursday, February 14, 2019
If you're going to plan a ridiculous display of affection, Valentine's Day is the perfect day to do it.

The Houston Tidelanders Chorus is offering help all over Houston.

The members spent the day of love delivering singing telegrams all over the city.

"There are lots of different reactions," laughed singer Fred Welsh. "Some people are very mad because they're embarrassed. Some people are happy, but are so embarrassed they won't even look at us."

The group showed up unexpectedly at homes, offices, schools, even nursing homes.

"If we can bring tears, and if we can find that emotion to the song, then we think that's the best," explained singer Randy Rensi.

The group also offers musical deliveries during other holidays.

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