Let me begin by offering my sincere Congratulations to Russell Shaner for the outstanding leadership that he has shown as District President for the past 2 years and for his leadership in the years prior to that. He is probably the best communicator that I have ever seen in District leadership and the District is infinitely better off for his leadership.THANK YOU, RUSSELL. I’m sure your 3 favorite words now are Immediate Past President.

And to the others from the 2016 Board that are not on this year’s Board but who have served the District so well for so long, Jim Halcarz, Ken Poynor, John Denoyer and Bill Hogan, Thank You so very much for your willingness to help the District grow and prosper. Your hard work is sincerely appreciated.

As we begin 2017, we as a District have much to be thankful for and much for which to look forward. Let’s make 2017 a Year to ReMember. There are obviously two possible meanings for that phrase and it is my hope that every chapter in the District will make this year such a year in both aspects.

The first major event in the District this year is hosting the MidWinter Convention in San Antonio, January 17-22. If you have never been to a MidWinter, this is a great opportunity for you to experience the explosion of the Youth Movement in which the Society has invested some much time, energy and talent. You will have the chance to sing in the All Chapter Chorus and if you are a Senior Member of the Society and District, you could be a part of the first ever Seniors Chorus Competition/Festival. It is going to be an awesome week and I hope everyone has the opportunity to enjoy at least some aspect of the convention.

I’m excited to be your President for 2017. If there is anything that I can do, or that any member of your District Board can do to make your barbershop experience better, please don’t hesitate to call on us. We are there to serve you and look forward to a very successful year for the District.

John T. Schneider, Jr.
2017 District President