Hello, Fellow Barbershoppers:

Hurricane Harvey has proven particularly troublesome to some of our fellow barbershoppers, particularly in the Houston area.  Many of you have asked, “How can I help?”  After much consideration, your District President has decided in favor of recommending direct donations to The American Red Cross for disaster relief.

We considered such things as a clothing drive at the fall convention but quickly came to realize that we have no idea where to best allocate scarce resources.  It is just not what we are set up to do.  However, watching the mobilization of relief agencies like The American Red Cross, local church efforts, and state and local governments, it became obvious that a well-planned and rehearsed effort was already under way to great effect.  They know what they are doing and where to do it and in what priority order.  We might just be in the way of first responders if we undertook to supply them with what we “thought” they might need without asking what they “really” need.  For now, they have the resources to get important things done quickly and in priority order.  The only commodity in short supply is CASH for the long slog this recovery effort is going to be. 

Got it?  What they REALLY need is CASH.

So, we are asking you to click the Red Cross logo above to donate to The American Red Cross.  If you are a chapter leader, consider donating at least a portion of your annual Harmony Foundation donation to this important cause.  Let’s show the world that Barbershoppers Care!

Be sure to keep a record of your contributions.  Contributions by individuals are likely tax-deductible if you itemize deductions.  Donations by the chapter contribute to the record of philanthropic and charitable work of the chapter.

Donate today.  And while you are at it, say a little prayer for all who have been affected by Harvey.

John Schneider

SWD President